Monday, November 17, 2014

Another new item which Iprepared for Lazy sunday, cozy corner with empress armchairs ..

armchairs has single sit anims (male,female,unisex)..

side desk has open/close doors by touch..

For The Challenge related with this month's theme ''mediterranian style'' my item is sofa&chairs set..

Sofa and chairs has many sit animations..

 There is five options of set that you can choose to buy..

Monday, June 30, 2014

For The Challenge,according to this month's theme''army style'',I prepared army style chat corner..
comes with  armchairs,shelf ,cushion crate and teaset..and dart ..
Armchair has male,female sit anims..and dart has dart anim..

For Lazy Sunday  Iprepared for you a picnic set,which comes with picnic table,umbrella and barbecue..
Picnic table has total 35 anims ,barbecue has grill anim and open/close doors..

Monday, March 10, 2014

I prepared his and her chairs and a notepapers board..
HiS and HeR Chairs have 17 animations each..
you can find  @my satellite store @Nest sim..
Ottoman  sofla has couple,single animations..
Anatolian sofa and chair has texture change options and many single couple animations..

Here are some more snapshots from bazaaar..

Theme of this month of ''The Challenge'' event is ''your country''..I prepared Turkish bazaar,with
ottoman and anatolian traditional items,decor,furniture etc.
One of my new items is ''a corner from heaven'' set..
Sofa has many single,couple(playing card,chess,puzzle etc)..Lamps has lighton/off options..

You can find @my stellite store..


Vanity set which becomes with,vanity,pouf, table and many acssesories..
vanity has sliding and open/close lids..elephant box,ring box and eyeshadow palettes have also open/close lids..
Pouf has many vanity animations ,including couple tie ,necklace,etc..

You can find @my satellite store..


Thursday, January 16, 2014

For your lodge ,cute and cozy armchair set;)
Lodge chairs has 19 animations each..Also chairs has texture change options.Lamp has on/off  option by touch.,desk has open/close drawers by touch...

For The Challenge,acoording to the theme(glass) Iprepared glass shell chairs..
Chairs has 19 several male,female anims..

ı prepared some kitscy decors and furniture,:)

lounger has many sit,read etc animations and texture change options..

cute tree decor for your home..

For winter times cozy set for your homes..
Mesh sofa has  single,couple cuddle animations,pouf has also sit anims,also fire has many optons..