Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hobby corner
Mesh set comes with a folding work table,sofa,chair,globe,calendar, building blocks and other acssesories.

Sofa has texture change options and many sit animations..Chair has sit ,study animations also..Globe rotates by touch and table folds by touch,so you can use it as a shelf also:)

Parts of building blocks are copy so can be can change calender pages by touch  every month ,

Katy sofa corner..

Sofa has many sit,friend animations,frames ,mirror and fruits are mesh..sofa has texture change options also..

There is second option sofa with mid pillow,in box..
My last item that you can see @my store a mesh hallway decor..A  hallstand,stool , key cabinet ,frames,and other acssesories..

Hallstand and stool has animations,hallstand also has texture change options...