Friday, May 31, 2013

This month's theme for The Challenge is ''industrial'' and Iprepared for you industrial style bedroom set..Mesh bedroom set comes with side desks,wall decors,table,linen basket and lambs and other acssesories seen..

there are total 28 couple cuddle and single anims on bed..
Side desk lid and doors open/close by touch...

Iam participating Home&garden expo..I have two new items for RFL..

Cute mesh beach house only 30 prim..

Second item for RFL is mesh bench planters with lilacs and with single couple animations..

Snapshot from my place @Home Expo..
Also there is a newsh mebedroom set which I prepared for you,with couple breakfast in bed anims..
 Besides these you can find more items and acssesories..
Here the taxi to expo:)
Home Expo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My new item for you is 'summer mornings in the garden', mesh 'breakfast times' set between lilacs:)

Chair has 12 table(eat drink talk etc.) animations and texture change option.

All item seen are included in box..

You can find this set @below link for two weeks.
Designer Warehouse
For your garden cute mesh swing set is ready @my store:)
Swings has single and couple anims..

For Pure Contagion event Iprepared shelf set and dartboard with dartrs..And dartboard has throwing dart anim..Set is mesh..

The Challenge's theme for this month is ''underwater..My item is ''Bathing underwater'',mesh set which becomes with huge aquarium with sea plants an animals,shower,bathsink set,toilet ,bathroom closet and a relaxing submarine bad..
Shower .has single couple shower anims.and  hot cold water options..dpen/ close doors..
Aquarium has sea plants,moving fishes,jelly fish,turtle and other acssesories.

Relax bed has single and couple animsand open/close drawers and lids..toilet has anims too and has open/close lids..

Bathsink part has .has wash,hairdry,brush etc anims..And on/off flowing water option...

All  items seen are included in box..You can buy sepearate parts if you wish..